Our Mission:

No Common Core RI is a non-partisan, non-ideological network of concerned parents, teachers, elected officials, citizens and taxpayers working together to regain local control over education in the Ocean State.

We are united in our support for local education solutions and our opposition to the Common Core top-down approach.  This set of "one-size-fits-all" standards, coupled with high-stakes testing, was imposed on Rhode Island without a single vote by any elected body in the state.  These poorly designed standards and tests were developed at the national level without our input and do not take into account our local challenges or tremendous opportunities.  

The Common Core program is untried, untested and unproven.  It represents an unfunded mandate on our local school districts and a mandated set of requirements that are anything but local.  Perhaps worst of all, the Common Core program diverts our attention from the critically important work ahead of us to rebuild and reinvigorate educational excellence in our great state through local solutions.

But PLEASE - don't take our word for it.  Educate yourself.  Do your own research by looking at the many resources available, including some on this site.  Explore the issue with a critical and independent mind - something we Rhode Islanders are known for!

Once you do, we think you'll join us as we advance a citizen movement to take back local control over education in Rhode Island!

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